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Saturday, August 3, 2013

"We are not your enemy: putting a face on real Iranians!"

"I feel bad when I see that most Americans don't know
 about the real Iran.....

When you think about Iran, what are the first images that come to your mind?
Is is images of a hostile crowd holding up, "death to America" signs? Or is it terrorists who are "hell-bent" on the destruction of Israel and all other western nations? 
Most of our conception and images of Iran are connected with the ongoing "media" coverage of the impending nuclear showdown between Iran and Israel. But is that really who Iran is?
Arezoo Hosseini, a 25 year old Nurse living in the city of Isfahan, laments the fact that most Americans don't know much of anything about the real Iran.
Arezoo is my dear online Facebook friend, that I regularly chat with. Recently when we met online, I informed Arezoo that I'm now doing a live blog talk radio program, speaking out for  the freedom and human rights all of my Iranian friends. When Arezoo heard about this, she became very excited and asked me if I would share with my listening audience who the real Iranians are. I promised her I would do just that and asked her if she would take some time to write a short story putting a face on real Iranians. Within two days, Arezooo sent me her response. As I began to read her short story, I was truly touched by her honesty and kindness. Arezoo made it very clear that she was not speaking for her government, but instead speaking up for all Iranians. Arezoo declared, "We love you Americans. We are not Terrorists!"
 I can honestly testify that Arezoo's declaration that, "Iranians love Americans"
  is absolutely true! I have spent over two years online chatting with Iranians! They are my best friends in the world! They are kind, hospitable and very respectful. They are not at all like the "hate crowd" that is portrayed by the ratings driven media. The real Iranian is a person who loves my country. They are desperate for the hope and freedom that is offered by America. The media is guilty of focusing on the nuclear showdown between Iran and Israel and ignores the desperate plight of the average Iranian living under the fear and oppression of a government who daily controls their lives.
Iranians are dear to my heart. I chat with them, pray with them and sometimes even cry with them.
These are real people with real hurts, frustrations and needs just like you and me. They want to be recognized for who they really are. 
The best way to put a face on the real Iranian is to let Arezoo tell you herself. The following short story is plea from the heart of Arezoo for us to get to know the real Iran:

"I feel bad when I see that most Americans don't know about the real Iran.
 They don't even know where Iran is located!
They don't even know that Iranians are the old Persians.
I'm not talking for my government. I am speaking for my people.
We love you Americans! We love all of the people living on this planet!
We are not your enemy! We are not terrorists!
We are the people who love humanity and fight for freedom.
We are not Arabs. We have our own history.
We are the great "children of Cyrus" who freed the slaves more than 2500 years ago and wrote the first charter of "human rights" for the nations of the world (The Cyrus Cylinder)
If you like poetry, Iran will be the best choice for you!
Here is the land of two great poets, Hafez and Khayam.
If you like history, Iran will be exciting for you. You can visit places that have existed for more than 7000 years.
I am sure that you will love Iranians. We are a people of great honesty and hospitality.

Arezoo's short little story touches me deeply. She wants to put a face on who Iranians really are and destroy the common stereotypes that are created by the media.
On my next blog talk radio program, I intend to read her story and be her voice!
I hope very soon one day that Americans will get to know the real Iranians.
They deserve our love and respect and most of all our prayers!


Anonymous said...

Soon to be translated into 6 foreign languages. "We the American People Are Not Your Enemy."
Shoot one, use my words, post as video response on the Smithfix Channel and I will make a montage of faces in echo!
Thanks, Chuck (Smithfix) Smith

Anonymous said...

Iranians don't have any problem with any other nations. It's the regime that has declared war against the world. Having said that the Iranian regime's flag (showing on these photos) do not represent Iranians either.