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Sunday, October 17, 2010


   I Peter 3:15 exhorts us as Christians, "And If someone asks you about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it. But do this in a gentle and respectful way."
   Respect, this seven-letter word is sadly neglected. Recently, a Christian pastor made the headlines all over the world, threatening to have a Koran-burning party. Instead of respecting those he disagreed with , he introduced another word other than respect,, SHAME. He brought shame to Christ and shame to himself.
     I have a very important question. Where is the respect for Muslims these days? Muslims have come to America to fulfill their dreams and to have freedom and instead of treating them to the Christian ideal of "Loving your neighbor as yourself," we treat them with contempt and ridicule. So, my next question goes right to the point of the matter. Who is behaving like the terrorists? This should shame all of us..
      The big controversy this day is where should the location of the mosque in New York be? I would suggest this answer. The deeper question God is asking each of us is, Where is the location of your heart? I would like to see more respect and dignity shown to our Muslim friends. When we do, they may even listen to what we believe and then we can share our hope in a respectful way.Our problem is we are too eager to preach and not listen.
       In closing, Be respectful to our Muslim friends. This is the ultimate human apologetic. Who knows? You may even develop a friendship with them that will be life-changing and pleasing to God.
       I am interested in your thoughts and comments, so please scroll down the page and let me hear from you! Thank you. I respect your right to your opinion.