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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Promise: Trusting in the providence of God

"My counsel shall stand and I will accomplish my purpose.
I have spoken, and I will bring it to pass.
I Have purposed and I will do it."
( Isaiah 46:10, 11)

My new book, "The Promise: We will meet again," is filled with examples of God's sovereign providence and how He weaves together the circumstances in Hannah's and Rachel's life to accomplish His purposes. With the outbreak of World War II and the German invasion of Poland, Hannah and Rachel's lives are rudely interrupted and turned upside down. The Nazi's enclose the city with a huge concrete wall and barbed wire fence and seize control of their lives. Eventually, The Nazis begin calling up the Jews to be transported to nearby labor camps. When their classmates fail to show up for school, Hannah and Rachel are gripped with fear and anxiety. One afternoon after school, Hannah and Rachel retreat to their favorite hideaway in the park by the lake.They sit down together on the park bench facing each other. Hannah tears a picture of them taken together in half. They each promise to keep each others picture until they meet again. With the reality of capture and death looming in their minds, both girls make a solemn vow and promise that if they survive the war, that after its over, they will never give up until they find each other again. Hannah gently holds Rachel's hand and looks her intently in the eyes saying, " I promise you on this day, no matter how long or far away, I'll find you. I"ll search for you." With tears streaming down her face, Rachel looks Hannah in the eyes and vows, "I promise to keep you in my heart. No matter how long or far apart. I'll find you. I'll search for you."
Within an few days after their promise, Both Hannah and Rachel are captured by the Germans and separated. However as the book unfolds, The reader sees the hand of God protecting and sustaining these incredible friends until they meet again after the war.
When life seems completely out of control and senseless, God says, He is in control and directing the events of life. My new book is an example of  how God keeps his promise and directs the events of life amidst the evil and suffering that is taking place. We can take refuge in the promise of God and rest in His unfailing providence. God honored the promise made between two frightened Jewish girls. He can be trusted to do the same for you and me. When the world looks dark and desperate, God shines His perfect light and shows us the way.