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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Dear God: Please bring freedom to Iran

In this powerful blog, you will feel the heart of Mehnoush as she cries out to God to restore and bring freedom to her Homeland, Iran. This powerful prayer will be featured in our new book, "Dear God, please bring freedom to Iran." There is incredible power in prayer and it is amazing how God uses our heartfelt prayers to shape and change history!

Dear God,
             I’m writing to you because I have a very special request. This isn’t your typical prayer because I’m not asking for something small. I’m also not asking for you to intervene and restore peace in the growing number of war torn countries, to end world hunger and poverty, to heal disease, or to make my dreams come true (although all of those would be awesome)…but am asking for a miracle. In fact, this is the biggest, most significant, and most important thing I’ve ever asked for.
   When I was still a child, my mother used to tell me, “A clean white painting canvas is bestowed on everyone by God at the beginning of his/her life. Once he lets everybody have enough paint and a brush, he whispers the word “goal” in his/her ear and then lets us be free to be the artist of our own life.”

As I grew up and learned more about the real meaning of life, goal and freedom, I realized life was      not simply a room with two windows but there are thousands of them … Then I imagined looking out of the window of desperation and I felt like I was about to cry. I imagined if I looked out of the window of hopefulness, I could change the whole world. Accordingly, when I imagine looking out of a closed window, then I could sense how dingy and dark the world would be … And when I opened the window, I then realized how stunning and massive the whole world was! But we don’t live for a long time though … I don’t have the time to look at every window of life. That was why I decided to take the open window, but it seems the window before my eyes has been shut for years and I just can’t get to see the farther horizons of life! My world in my motherland has been dingy dark and for years and I didn’t realize it until I grew up.      
   Yes! It has been for years that the window of hope and freedom has been closed to my motherland, Iran, and it has been darkened by a thick mist indeed. My dear Lord, that very young child who used to imagine a massive stunning world with open windows has now realized that all the windows have been blocked by such thick darkness for years and that we are all captivated within the frame. There’s neither any smell of light nor freedom. We’ve been living in complete exile, fear and palpitation for years. Freedom to us is nothing but those childish dreams inside us which have also been growing along with us all. My dear God, now I can realize how important freedom was; now that I made it out of all those years of captivity and palpitation to live in a land of freedom and democracy, I’ve finally recognize what this term really means.  
   Dear God, we had a revolution 40 years ago for more freedom; simply because we didn’t know what freedom meant?! Because we were never a thankful nation! We simply believed freedom was nothing but free electricity and water in our houses or free bus tickets. Because we thought Islam was more sacred than freedom. We lost freedom and got an Islamic revolution instead. Now, after 40 long years we have realized freedom was not that easy to let go of recklessly. Without freedom, there’ll be no books and authorship, no understanding and perception, no science and knowledge, no hope and brightness, no economy and development, no literacy and improvement and no life and future; in fact there would be nothing but you sitting in a corner passing life without a single understanding of how the rest of the world is and who we have been!   
   My Dear Lord, we are all thirsty for freedom but there’s nothing around except the dream of it. My dear God, it is vividly clear that Iranian nation have all passed your test as assiduously as possible. These days, no one can sense the scent of life and you and only you are the only one who can deliver this nation from captivity. There’s no light left for us, we have no hope and we all beg you to give us back our lost freedom. We have learned enough all these years that we shouldn’t simply ignore what we already have and that we should not go backward while everything else proceeds ahead; we have all learned we should never exchange our freedom for anything. Almighty God has created all of us equal so that we can decide freely and live our lives as we wish. We aren’t supposed to underestimate this precious word of “freedom”. Freedom is our life compass helping us moving ahead and we only get to understand how watching out an open window and seeing the massive stunning world feel!  
   My dear God, I truly love you and I know you can hear my heart beats and you know well enough this is not just one single individual’s request and shout, but the request and shout of millions of other people captivated on a deserted island waiting for a hopeful captain’s great ship to save all of them. My God, you are our true captain and now millions of people are crying out for your help. Please come and free us all from this deserted island. 

Your humble Child