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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hassan Rouhani, Iran's new president: A moderate or a murderer?

My dear friend, Nasrin Mohammadi recently wrote an article concerning the installation of Iran's new president.
Here is her revealing article in her own words about who Rouhani really is!

 I was born and raised in Iran under a regime that has degraded my nation and our values in life. 
As a person who lost almost everything in her life in Iran, It breaks my heart to see that the US. Government ignores all values which our nation cherishes and plays a double standard with respect to other nations, specifically Iran.
It was so disappointing to see over 130 congressmen sign up for a talk with Islamic president Rouhani (so called president elect). I say “so called,” because there is no democratic election in Iran. Iranians are coerced to go to the voting polls under the threat that if they don’t they could lose their government benefits.
What were the reasons for your desperate
 measures? Don’t you know who Rouhani is? He was one of the major players in oppressing Iranian dissidents from the early time of the revolution up to now.
Nobody knows better than me who lost her Brother (Akbar Mohammadi), arrested under Rouhani’s direct order and later killed in prison after serving seven years of incarceration.
Akbar was a non-violent political and human right activist, a voice of hope and freedom,  while studying at Tehran University.
Akbar was a caring person. He could not bear injustice and cruelty. He would donate his last pennies to others if he knew that they were in need.
Akbar was a brave, generous and a caring person.
On July 9th 1999, Akbar along with some friends tried to stop the security forces from entering the campus that were attacking students. 
According to the recent article wrote by one of his cell mates, a prominent political prisoner Heshmat Tabarzadi said of Akbar  that, “he had three outstanding characteristics which made him the symbol of the student resistancae: bravery, truthfulness and resistance”
Tabarzadi also added that on his bravery it suffices to say when he was sentenced to death at the beginning of his trial; he started to prosecute the judge by undermining his legitimacy and made it the trial of the judge.                        
 Akbar never exaggerated the extent of the tortures he endured.  He never recanted his beliefs or convictions while undergoing the most barbaric of tortures.
On July 30th 2006 Akbar finally died as the result of torture on the 8th day of his hunger strike.
Political prisoners along with student movement in Iran designated July 30 as, “National Student Resistance Day.”
Rouhani is one of the major players in killing Akbar and thousands more of Iranian people, while serving as the director of the National security.
Rouhani is now being inaugurated on the same day that he ordered the killing of Yaghoub Mehr Nahad, the first blogger in August of 2008.
The Late Mehr Nahad was a journalist, and the editor of the Mardom Salar news paper in Sistan and Balouchestan. He was hanged five years ago.
At the end I would like to say to Mr. President Obama that Iranian American people are watching those friends in need who are friends in deed.

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