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Monday, April 30, 2012

"What is Truth?"

Philosophers, sages, and theologians have debated down through the centuries as to what is truth. If you ask a college student on any given campus, what is truth, you are bound to receive answers such as, "everyone has an opinion or preference, to each his own, and whatever I decide is right."
Two thousand years ago, standing before Pontius Pilate, Jesus didn't give an opinion or quote from any of the philosophers. Instead he made a startling affirmation as to what truth was. He looked Pilate directly in the eyes and declared, "I was born and came into the world to testify to the truth. All who love the truth recognize that what I say is true." (John 18:37)
Pilate couldn't believe his ears. Who does this man think he is! Instead of bowing down in awe and worship, Pilate mocked Christ's declaration and scoffingly replied, "What is Truth?"
Our culture has carried on this same mocking and ridicule about the nature of Truth. Truth is irrelevant, only what I decide is right, is the mood of our culture. Casting aside all respect and ridiculing and rebelling against any recognized authority, our culture has abandoned any standard of righteousness and replaced it with the their own whims and wishes. Truth has been reduced to preference and whatever feels "right" at the moment. No wonder there is violence in schools, kids killing other kids, kids murdering their parents, etc.When truth is abandoned, we lose our moral sensitivity and begin calling what is evil, good. The sad lament in the book of Judges was that "everyone was doing what was right in the sight of their own eyes." As a result there was moral and spiritual decay resulting in the judgment of God.
Earlier in John's gospel, Jesus declared that  "I am the way and the Truth," (John 14:6) Three chapters later, Jesus prayed to His father to "Teach them your Word, which is truth." (John 17:17)
The Bible presents God as a God of truth and integrity. Unfortunately most of our culture has the cynicism and unbelief of Pilate, mockingly saying, "What is truth?"
Do you care about what is true and false? Jesus says that if you love the truth then you will believe and obey him. Our culture is suffering from "truth decay." The only remedy is proclaiming Christ as the truth and affirming that His word is the final authority.
If you want a life of integrity that will stand against the storms of life when all other foundations are crumbling then come to Christ and be safe and secure in the truth.

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